Millie Waicus

Manager, Information Technology, Bereskin & Parr LLP

Millie is the Manager of Information Technology for Bereskin & Parr.  She joined Bereskin & Parr in 1991 as assistant to the Director of Administration and Finance when the firm had about 80 people.  Today she manages a team of IT specialists that support the firm’s four offices and over 250 users.  She is responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the firm’s technology including innovation and implementation of all computer systems, servers, network devices, firewalls, telecommunications, voicemail, video conferencing, office automation equipment, software, peripherals, offsite storage, and co-location facilities.

Millie brings with her over twenty years of technical and business experience. She has seen the firm grow from stand-alone computers to a large network infrastructure and plays a primary role in organizing and deploying all the existing technologies in the firm.  During this time, she weathered keeping the computer platform on Macintosh but in 2011 the firm switched to Windows. 

Millie’s approach is user based and friendly and her team strives to deploy hardware and software solutions that allow the users at the firm to get tasks done easily and efficiently and educate the users along the way.  

Millie has faced the usual technical challenges that all IT managers face in a fast paced, dynamic environment but she embraces these optimistically and regularly liaises with other law firm peers and vendors.   Over the years she has built a solid IT team whose key administrators have been long time, loyal employees.

She is a member of the Toronto Office Management Association (TLOMA) and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).

Other interests include gardening and reading and enjoying her time with her children.