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Why Wellness? Why Now?

  • Friday, Oct 23, 2015
    10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Speaker(s): Roger Thorpe

Location: Petun Room I , Petun Room II

Why Wellness? Why Now?


Organizations, including legal firms, have only just begun to consider the idea of investing in health promotion and illness prevention.  Before adopting specific programming or choosing vendors - understanding the business case for wellness and the possible strategies for success is key.


Given the current and future trends of employee health (physical and mental) - it will be important that a strategy is put in place to incorporate wellness into the benefits offering.  Strategic thinking requires that we ask and address the following questions:


•          Why is health promotion important to business success?

•          Can we avoid wellness altogether and simply focus on illness outcomes and treatment? 

•          What does your organization have that would support the integration of health promotion?

•          How would wellness and health promotion be received by partners and employees?

•          Can we define how we want to treat employees - in terms of our responsibility for their “wellbeing"? 

•          What level of accountability should employees have to managing their own wellbeing?


This session will be interactive and will incorporate key learnings around the consideration of wellness at work and address important questions and concepts that are pivotal in respect to getting a return on investment.   Attendees will take away ideas and tools that they can apply back at the office.