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Alternative Fee Arrangements and Doing More with Less

  • Friday, Oct 23, 2015
    3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Speaker(s): Ben Weinberger

Location: Georgian Bay Ballroom III & IV

Alternative Fee Arrangements: Doing More with Less – How Technology Plays an Integral Role in Law Firm Efficiency

AFAs continue to grow in popularity as the competition for legal services continues to increase. Corporate legal departments’ budgets are shrinking and GCs are demanding more from their outside counsel. Clients place ever increasing demands on firms to provide greater transparency, clearer pricing, and more for less. For firms to remain competitive and, more importantly, profitable, they must ensure that their lawyers are working as efficiently as possible. Technology is crucial to achieving efficiency and ensuring competitive advantage. This session will focus on current trends and help provide sensible solutions for achieving more efficiency through technology adoption.